PRice Index MAnagement System
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PRIMA is a set of flexible price index tools that can be used for a variety of index systems including consumer, producer, and wholesale price indices. It can also be used for the preparation of production indices for industry, agriculture, etc. PRIMA is being used at the Ghana Statistical Service, Bank of Ghana, Maldives Ministry of Planning and Development, Malawi National Statistical Office and Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics. The system consists of three modules:
The data entry module is the only customized component of the PRIMA system. Each country and type of index (CPI, PPI, etc.) has its own regional and item hierararchy whose data capture is best done on a customized basis. PRIMA data entry applications are being used in Gambia, Ghana, Malawi, Maldives and Uganda.

Data entry can be done in the following modes:

Some common features of the desktop application being used in the countries mentioned above are:

Some common features of the PDA based application are:

Work is under way to integrate ICP (International Comparison of Prices) standardization.
The common indexer module is integrated with the data entry module. As opposed to the data entry module which is specific to each country and type of index (CPI, PPI, etc), the indexer handles item and regional hierarchies in a standard way. Each machine on the local area network which has the data entry program will have the common indexer module as well. The indexer module has the following features:
The online analytical and tabulation module uses pre-processed price indices data (prepared by the indexer) in an online database. The following analysis and tabulation tasks are possible:
1: Using X-11 and TRAMO algorithms implemented by the Research & Development Cell of the National Bank of Belgium.
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